COVID-19 Safety Guidelines

With these simple steps berry farms can safely allow U-PICK to occur.

These procedures aim to minimize the spread of COVID-19 person to person by main- taining physical distancing between berry workers & customers and limiting the number of berry workers & customers on the farm at a time.

CFIA states that there is currently no evidence that food or food packages can be a source or route of transmission of the virus. Therefore it is safe to use provided card- board picking boxes or use your own clean 4L pails.

  1. Do not visit a farm if you have COVID-19 or are symptomatic (i.e. includes cold or flu symptoms) or have been in close contact with anyone found positive for COVID-19.
  2. Be sure to contact your berry farm of choice BEFORE going to see if an appointment is required. Farms may have switched to an appointment system to reduce crowding.
  3. No social gatherings are allowed on the farms.
  4. Customers are requested to self limit the number of people coming to the farm.
  5. If entering an on farm store, only 1 person per household is allowed inside. Masks must be worn inside.
  6. Please wash or sanitize your hands before and after entering the field.
  7. Please maintain physical distancing (2m) between staff and other customers. Wear amask if physical distancing can’t be maintained.
  8. Please obey all farm specific rules in place to promote physical distancing.
  9. Stay in assigned row(s).
  10. NO EATING OF BERRIES IN THE FIELD (COVID-19 transmission concern).
  11. In order to accommodate physical distancing requirements, farms reserve the right to limit the number of people in the field and/or on their farm at a given time. Customers may be asked to wait in their vehicles if berry farm is too busy or if they are not picking.

THANK YOU for cooperating with your local berry farm to keep everyone safe so that all may enjoy TASTY LOCAL FRUIT!

Guidelines developed by the Prairie Fruit Growers Association and MARD’s Fruit Crops Program.